Ok, so now lets talk packages.  I like to call them parcels.  Time at the post office window will go a lot faster for you and the other customers in line if your parcel is mailable and addressed correctly.  So for those customers old and new here is a list of items to prepare your parcel for mailing:

Use a box will as little writing or pictures as possible, a plain box is the best

Address the parcel the same as a letter: return address in the upper left corner and write the recipients address in the center, write on one side only

Leave the upper right hand corner free of names, numbers, etc. so the clerk can put the postage and/or tracking number, or insurance label

Make sure to write as legible as possible

Addresses should have apartment, unit, space numbers, etc whenever necessary

Here is a sample address:  Jane doe

123 Main St., Apt. 2

Anywhere, US 12345-6789

Make sure the parcel is taped properly, most post offices do not tape your parcel or have tape for you to use, there is tape at the post office to purchase

If all preparations are followed as listed above, your experience mailing the parcel will be fast, efficient and your parcel will get to it’s destination in a timely manner without any problems.  Happy parcel mailing.


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