Going to the Post Office, going to the Post Office

When you go to the post office and see other customers in line please be patient.  The clerk is usually working as fast and as efficient as possible.  Yes, the hazmat question has to be asked/read and answered when mailing a package.  This is for the safety of all persons who handle the mail for the post office as well as your safety.  A transaction doesn’t take as long as you think most of the time.  What takes longer is the customer’s decision on how to send a letter or package.

A list of things not to do while waiting in line or when its your turn:

Don’t talk and laugh too loud to others

Don’t talk too loud on the cell phone

Don’t butt in front of others, even if asking a question or handing over a letter, etc.

Don’t talk on the cell phone or talk to others when its your turn, give the clerk your full attention, its speeds up the wait in line

Don’t be rude and interrupt, tell the clerk what you want and then listen to the suggestions of the clerk

Don’t ask for your mail from the mailbox, bring your key

Don’t ignore your children and let them get into items in the lobby

Don’t ignore your pets, others do not appreciate the barking, sniffing, etc.

There are other don’ts but I can’t think of them right now.  I will write more, there are so many things I want to say about things at the post office.  Thanks for listening.


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